Thursday, May 13, 2010

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) - The Truth!

Back in the sixties early seventies MLM had receive some very bad reports that tarnished their reputation; and it would take almost a decade to regain some of the respect that they had lost. However today despite the many challenges and obstacles that they had to overcome MLM has emerged the victor. In this brief report tips will be given to show what to look for in identifying a great opportunity and what to most certainly avoid.

Most MLM companies will do and say anything to get to you to join their organization so that they can benefit from your efforts. It is very important that before you even examine their compensation plan, research and make sure they have a good support system in place. Let me take a few seconds to define a good support system. A good system is one in which the company from which the products come is easy to contact by phone e-mail or mail, and most importantly that they respond in a timely fashion.

A good system is one in which there is a good mentorship program in place. Most good MLM systems will provide business training free of cost to its members, who would only have to pay for resource materials, seminars, and special conferences. This type of training is no doubt is most invaluable, since most of the time these training sessions are conducted by those who have achieved some level of success.

The Compensation plan should be simple and understandable. It should not require a scientist to figure it out. Members should be rewarded fairly for their efforts and the duplication and residual factors should be a part of it. By duplication I mean it should be easy for you to do what you have been taught by others, by residual I mean doing the work once and being rewarded over and over in the future.

Those my friends are some of the things to look for when choosing a MLM company to be a part of. Lets keep in touch your friend...


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