Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mobile Monopoly - The New Marketing Wave!

If you have spent anytime on the internet in the last 48 hrs, it would be very hard to not here about the Mobile Monopoly by Adam Horwitz. This is a proven system that he has revealed to the world in the last 48 hours. The beauty about this system is that not a lot of marketers are presently using mobile platforms to promote their products. What Adam has been very successful in doing is that he demonstrates that this is indeed the future of communication.

Already Google has taken a massive step in their purchase of Admob one of the biggest mobile networks presently on the internet, and was happy to pay $750 million as a bargain price. What this should be saying to all of us is that this is where we should be focusing our energies, if we really want to stay competitive in this market place.

Whether we realize it or not according to reliable sources, there are some 5 billion cell phone users and and only 1.8 Billion internet users. The really smart companies are not getting a head start in in this new market and so should we. Do not wait until is is too late, then regret for not taking advantage of this great opportunity.

Don't Delay take action today !!!


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